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LED Wallpaper by Ingo Maurer

As with many things, I?ve been somewhat slow to come around to the ostensible charms of LEDs. While I freely grant that the technology is economical and environmentally astute, I can?t yet endorse the quality of the light, at least, that is, as manifest in flashlights and auto headlights. When it comes to the work […]

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LED Wallpaper – The Future of Wallcoverings

LED Wallpaper by world famous Ingo Maurer. Special thank you to Kate at Key Vision Interiors for reminding us of this wonderfully innovative technology. Ingo Maurer, 2007 Plastic film with conductive circuits, LEDs.

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LED Wallpaper

If your wallpaper is looking a little drab never fear as a breakthrough by GE (General Electric) in OLED technology could now see organic LED’s being printed on to wallpaper. GE managed to find a way to allow OLED’s to be printed on to very thin surfaces. Efficiency is also key here with GE looking […]

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