Tastefully hand-printed wallpaper is the speciality of P van b, a Berlin-based duo of German Andrea Poessnicker and Erik van Buuren. At a closer look, their intricate patterns sometimes reveal more luscious details than at first glance; exposing rampantly growing typography to hidden naked boys as patterns…The concept of Pomp was about having erotism glued on the wall. It all started back in Hamburg, Germany, where Andrea originally founded the company. Back then, in the 90s, many brothels in the entertainment quarters of St. Pauli closed down and got converted into clubs, such as Washington Bar, Gun Club, Tempelhof, etc. Their compartments all had these wonderfully pretentious, dark wallpapers and Andrea tried to revive their atmosphere with her collection. Each of its three variations has its own story: Dutch Pomp is based on the theme of the dandy with a pleasantly hedonistic life and many women. Then there is Lady Light, the girl that is hard to get with bead-like patterns; Pretty Rich is the unapproachable poise, its patterns are a mixture of all three kinds of ladylike tendril, as I’d put it.