Chic at Indochine

In a city where restaurants close as fast as they open, the fact that Indochine is celebrating it’s 25th Anniversary is a testament to it’s iconic appeal. To help commemorate this wonderful achievement, they are also publishing a book which was just released today, Indochine: Stories, Shaken and Stirred that is chock full of great photos of celebrities that have frequented parties at this chic restaurant since it opened in 1984.

I wish the book cover featured the fabulous banana leaf wallpaper that is just as iconic as the restaurant itself! I will get to where it originated in a minute.

I think the website perfectly describes Indochine as “a timeless classic that combines stylish ambiance, tropical decor, and exotic French-Vietnamese cuisine that is perfect for intimate dinners and private events alike.”

Just like photos celebrities in front of the famous zebra print banquettes let you know they were at the El Morocco nightclub, the photos of celebrities in front of the famous banana leaf wallpaper let you know there were at Indochine! Here is a photo of Andy Warhol, Jacqueline Schnabel, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Julian Schnabel and Kenny Sharf at the opening party.

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