Expo Design Center, a high end retail chain division of Home Depot, the Goliath Fortune 500 Company,  today announced the closure of all of its stores nationwide.

With the closure of these stores comes an opportunity down the road for interior designers. Too long have stores like Expo Design Center taken away the roots of the interior design business which are the artists at small shops. There is a theory in the general interior design and architectural trade that centers like the  Expo Design Center killed the artisan. We will see a return to mom and pop stores along the streets of America as large chain stores like Home Depot decide to shutter their stores. In the mean time,  if we do not recover in time, the mom and pop stores will never be opened and the internet will fill this gap.

The closure of large stores in small cities without the immediate opening of small stores may cause the closure of cities in a modern ghost town scenario, see Detroit, Michigan or North Las Vegas where Real Estate cannot be given away. It is time to return to large cities to reduce expenses nationwide. Too many cities were built and many municipal bonds may fail. We digress into economics to make a point that the design business for the last 25 years has changed forever.

What will become of all of the inventory display samples in all of these stores?

How will one find products that were now sold exclusively through the Expo Design Center?

The internet will fill this gap as well as purveyors that want to help complete their projects.

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