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Noah Scalin Skull Wallpaper Featured on BoingBoing

Scalin Skullpaper Posted by William Gurstelle, June 10, 2009 10:08 AM | permalink (Bill Gurstelle is guest blogging here on Boing Boing. He is the author of several books including Backyard Ballistics, and the recently published Absinthe and Flamethrowers. Twitter: @wmgurst)BoingBoing readers may already be familiar with artist Noah Scalin Skull-A-Day project from a previous […]

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Mark Cutler Designs loves Wallcovering

Wall-Covering-Mania! I was skimming through my Elle Decor the other day, and came across this great faux-tile wallpaper from Graham & Brown. I thought I would share it with you “commitmentphobe” & “serial renovators” out there. It is water and fade resistant, and they even claim it is easier to clean than most other wallpapers. […]

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If it’s Baroque – Twist It

From the creative firm WallCollection comes avant garde baroque patterns. Another Modern Twist on traditional walls. Send WallpaperWeekly your unique baroque patterns. One needs to look carefully for the Octopus, Flying Saucers, Moons, Whales, Ships, Balloons, and More. Oh, Also people hanging around. How exciting to see this type of work.

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Luxe Damask Red Burgundy Flock on Gold Stria

The latest in Flocked Wallpaper. Flocked Velvet Wallpaper on Gold Stria. The ultimate in elegance. Visit or call 310-713-0489 for more information

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